Omni Channel Commerce Done Right

Timely, precise and progressive solution to online retail and growth
Multi Courier Booking

The master dashboard helps you track all orders, packages and their shipping status in real time which eliminates any issues and delays. This allows you to provide top-notch customer service so your business excels.

Financial Reconciliation

OE eliminates the tedious task of collecting COD data through different courier portals and reconciling courier invoices. Instead, it brings all the data to you with just a few clicks.

OE takes into account mode of payment (credit card or cash of delivery) and reconciles orders correctly, eliminating multiple hours of effort a month.

Order Management System

OE enables you to process and manage orders online by automating and streamlining the entire order fulfilment workflow: from point of its creation on the website, assigning it to a fulfilment location, booking it at the courier portal and marking its final status as either cancelled, delivered or returned

Ship from Store

Your online store no longer requires dedicated inventory. OE takes care of that by enabling shipping orders from the store. The synchronized inventory management also reduces dead stock from your warehouse by increasing it's sell through via the additional online channel.

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Business Intelligence

For any business to progress and grow, insights are essential. OE collects, interprets and visually represents this data. By providing you with sales, inventory and marketing insights, OE ensures that you are ahead of the curve when it comes to making prompt business decisions. Our user-friendly dashboard enables you to understand ongoing trends and with the help of these analyses, you can better manage your business and maximize profits.

Multi Channel Integration

You can manage and track orders and inventory from various channels (your own Magento or Shopify websites or third party marketplaces like Daraz), all from a single platform

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Other Features
Role Based User Accounts

OE is specifically designed to assist different user roles to carry out their respective tasks in their ecommerce operations.

SMS and Email Alerts

Email and SMS notifications are sent to customers as well as respective store managers to keep them updated with their order statuses.

Reports Generation

Through the integration of various platforms, OE generates detailed marketing and sales reports to allow for a quick and accurate analysis of your online business.

REST based API

OE has a secure, scalable REST API which allows any client application to integrate with it.

Click and Collect

Giving your customers the option of collecting their order from a nearby outlet not only adds an element of convenience for the customer but also means zero delivery costs. The increased footfall to your store may result in more sales as it allows your manager to sell to the captive buyer.

Manage and Create Product Catalog

OE enables users to create and maintain product catalogs and to onboard products to the website. This allows the user to manage the product catalog from a central platform.

Real-time order and inventory sync

Being a best of breed omni channel enablement platform, OE allows real time inventory and order sync for multiple retail locations, using a variety of POS solutions, including Candela, Retail Pro, Microsoft Dynamics (AX) and ShopDesk and others.


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  • $100

    One Time Setup Fee
  • $70/m

    Base Price
  • $10/m

    Per Additional Location

Total with 1 locations

$ 170 / m*

*$100 One-time Setup Fee included

  • $100

    One Time Setup Fee
  • $54/m

    Base Price 14% off
  • $10/m

    Per Additional Location

Total with 1 locations

$ 154 / m*

*$100 One-time Setup Fee included


*All other feautures come standard

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